2013: Low Inventory + Interest Rates Help Move Oahu Real Estate Market

The stats for December 2013 just came in, and the market is still strong for both buyers and sellers. With just under 3 months of available inventory on the market, homes are selling fast and usually at full asking price.

Available inventory means that if no other homes were listed for sale, all of the available homes on the market would sell out in less than 3 months. This is great for sellers who are able to sell their homes for what they’re asking.

If you are a buyer, you might be thinking that this is NOT good news for you, but not so fast! Lower interest rates means you might be able to get into a BIGGERĀ home. But, don’t wait too long. Although rates remain low, new lending rules are making it a littleĀ harder to get a loan.

If you’d like more information about the market in your part of O`ahu please e-mail me at: camillenaluai@yahoo.com


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