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This is a general guideline through our simple application process:

  1.  VIEW THE RENTAL PROPERTY.  Any prospective tenant or their representative must attend a physical viewing of the property to verify if it will meet all of their needs.  It is important to address any concerns during the application process as we are unable to guarantee the owner will approve any non-essential requests after signing the lease agreement.
  2. SUBMIT A RENTAL APPLICATION.  As required by housing laws, all persons who are 18+ years of age who intend to reside in the rental property must submit and sign a completed rental application.  Please take the time to complete the entire application.  When you submit the application form online, note the section for entering the birth dates is a drop-down menu: use the arrows to select the appropriate month, day and year.  We also accept completed applications via email, fax or mail.  Please visit our Home Page to view our contact information.  If a tenant has a guarantor, they are required to submit an application and be subject to the credit and background verification process. The guarantor is also responsible for the terms as stated on the lease agreement.
  3. AUTHORIZE A CREDIT and BACKGROUND CHECK.  If we decide to move forward with processing your application, we will contact you to authorize a $25 credit and background verification charge. We accept payments using cash, cashiers check, money order and credit or debit card.

After your application is approved, the next steps in the application process are:

  1. PAY THE SECURITY DEPOSIT.  The security deposit is (usually) equal to the monthly rental amount and due within 7 days of the application being approved.  This is due on or before the lease signing date.  We accept payments in cash, cashiers check, money order and credit or debit card. For properties that allow a pet, a separate pet deposit is due in addition to the security deposit on or before the lease signing. The owner may decide to allow pets only for qualified tenants. They may also reject a pet on the property after the application has been approved. Please refer to the listing details to verify whether or not the property has a pet policy. 
  2. SIGN A LEASE AGREEMENT. All persons 18+ years of age who will be residing in the home must be named on the lease. Once all parties have signed, they will be bound to the terms as stated on the agreement.


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